June 20, 2024

Bayern president Reto Baumgartner: "I was shocked"

Bayern president Reto Baumgartner: “I was shocked”

Rumors began to surface on Monday morning: FCB captain Valentin Stocker has reportedly been suspended. In the afternoon, the association will send you a confirmation in the form of a letter. But once again the leadership of Bayern are not defended in front of the media.


The trauma is deep. Not only With the masses. Also with FCB President Reto Baumgartner. As a member of the board of directors, he heard the news from the media. Bayern legend Ernie Meissen could not understand this decision in any way. “I am very surprised. Valentine simply said the truth. If he was punished for that then I think he was a cheek.”

We already know from the past that no one from FCB is out to the public. Once again the opportunity was missed in the Stalker case. “This is weak. It would be nice if you were to speak in plain text. In fact, I have a feeling in football today that you are looking for men like these. Someone is also facing you on the team. He had the courage to stand up and then he was put off. Baumgartner said. “You need players, when things are not going well, they are allowed to ask about something. As a captain anyway,” says Meissen.

Critics are being punished

Valentin Stocker’s leave of absence is a signal-sending decision. Also for FCB teammates. “Now no one will dare say anything anymore. Anyone who says something will be punished from now on. “It’s going to be a team that doesn’t dare say anything anymore,” said Meissen.

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Hundreds of Bayern fans demonstrated in central Basel on Monday evening. “Another legend has fallen,” was the slogan behind the banner procession. Fans are becoming increasingly discontented. Valentin Stocker is a crowd favorite and still is. Spicy: The captain’s contract was only extended in September. “He was known as a genre and a player. Under the circumstances, he was offered another contract. You knew what to buy. The FCB president said this decision is more than incomprehensible.”