June 17, 2024

Battlefield 2042: Specialists seem to be completely overhauled

Battlefield 2042: Specialists seem to be completely overhauled

Battlefield 2042 has taken a beating since its release, and DICE continues to work on putting the game on a solid foundation. Now it appears that the turn of specialists to review.

Ironically, one of Battlefield 2042’s new features has received the most criticism. Hero-like characters with flexible equipment options, which were supposed to replace the tried and tested class system of the series (multiplayer FPS game), were not well received. Now it looks like DICE wants to start working and fix the gameplay from the ground up even with professionals.

At least that’s what comes from a large scale dev update Outside. Accordingly, specialists are now divided into classes. Some tools and equipment will only be used for individual classes to make them even more unique. For example, only scouts players will be able to use SOFLAM, while medical chests will only be available to support players.

Then specialists belong to the following categories:

Exceeds – Mackay, Sundance, Dozer
the support – Angel, Falk, Specialist Season 2
Engineer – Not, Boris, Irish
recon – Casper, Pike, Rao

In this context, some lists will also be reviewed, especially with regard to fittings. Currently, developers are also focusing on balancing professionals and their skills. However, the changes won’t be implemented until season 3. DICE is currently targeting Update 3.2 later in the season.

Battlefield 2042 – Season 1: Zero Hour Specialist Lisa Trailer

With Lis, a new specialist was introduced to Battlefield 2042 in Season One: Zero Hour.