May 18, 2024

Are electric vehicle charging stations a good deal?

Chevron Oil will install FreeWire Technologies fast charging stations at select Chevron and Texaco gas stations in the United States. They should electrify a distance of 320 kilometers in 15 minutes.

Easy to install thanks to the insulating tank

Both charging stations Chargers are enhanced by FreeWire, supplied by California. It is equipped with a memory and can be connected to the existing low voltage network and still provide a high charging capacity.

This saves the costly and time-consuming modernization of the power grid. Freewire says installation costs are 40 percent lower than regular fast chargers, which cost at least $10,000 to install, even with optimal operation.

Each booster charger has two connections and delivers up to 200 kW of power under CCS or 100 kW of CHAdeMO. Despite this high charging power, the poles only need 27 kilowatts from the grid. The built-in battery is 160 kWh. FreeWire will supply the charging stations with power management software and custom design/branding.

BP: Charging stations are now as profitable as gas stations

Chevron has announced that its own and standalone service stations will participate in the program fast charging stations want to equip. It might be worth it: Last year, a BP executive said charging electric cars had now caught up to the gas station business in terms of profit margin.

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BP has also been working with FreeWire in the UK since 2020 to install charging stations at petrol stations. The company also began trials at BP-owned AMP stores in the United States. BP led Freewire’s previous funding round, and Volvo has also invested in the company.

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Battery Boosted Electric Vehicle Chargers Coming to Chevron and Texaco Stations | Green Car Reports
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