Antibiotics pose a risk: More colon cancer with long-term treatment

Those who take antibiotics for a long time are more likely to develop colon cancer. A new study reached this conclusion.

The basics in brief

  • Antibiotics are often prescribed for bacterial infections.
  • Antibiotics also attack bacteria important to the intestinal flora.
  • Thus, long-term treatment increases the risk of colon cancer.

Swedish researchers: Those who take antibiotics for a long time have a higher risk of infection for colon cancer to get sick. People who take antibiotics for more than six months are 17 percent more likely.

as a basis for study serve the world data 40,000 patients from the cancer registry. As the “Fitbook” summarizes, it was compared to a control group of 20,000 cancer-free people.

But where does this negative effect come from? very easy: healthy gut flora It is also characterized by “healthy” bacteria the end. An antibiotic can be between unhealthy and healthy bacteria do not distinguish. While the intestinal flora can usually recover quickly after a short treatment, the situation is distinctly different with long-term treatment.

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