June 14, 2024

Prometheus und Wolkenbilder

Animated elements and the interaction of shapes at the latest Mühlenremisen exhibition in 2022

It’s the play of elements that dominate LAGA’s latest exhibition at the Beelitz Mill Depot: Gabriel Costas’ photographs and Uwe Sernow-Rose sculptures are shown here until October 31. While photographs capture the movement of wind, water, and clouds, Uwe Sernow-Rose’s work is shaped by the elements: The metal for his sculptures comes from a scrap yard, and sometimes leaves the rusty appearance of his sculptures.

Gabriel Costas’ portraits are thematically distributed across the three viewing rooms: while in the front room the wind is visualized, for example, by blowing ears of corn in barley fields or by flapping treetops, in the second room are the waves. Kostas captured Venice in a special way: moving water meets a static, reflective water surface. Partly this gives the impression that the wave will be a waterfall, partly the viewer believes that it will hit a sandy beach. The photos, which show clouds in the cool light ambiance of the third room, leave plenty of room for interpretation anyway.

“Then it becomes an art – when everyone can engage in a work, but other interpretations are possible based on their own experiences,” says Baitzer photographer.

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