February 24, 2024

An expert on difficult theories about “Harry and Meghan”

The relationship between Meghan and Kate is said to be cold.Photo: PA Wire/Andrew Milligan

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Christina Hildebrand

The hustle and bustle surrounding the six-part Harry and Meghan show isn't slowing down. The scandal documentary is being discussed outside the UK. On the radio show hosted by American broadcaster Megyn Kelly, nobility expert Sophie Corcoran now shares her thoughts and makes serious accusations against Duchess Meghan, such as “News” mentioned.

Why exactly Harry and Meghan decided to make a documentary continues to spark heated conversations. The royals themselves say they feel they have been misrepresented by the media, and would prefer to tell their own story. “No one knows what happens behind closed doors,” Prince Harry explains in the documentary. The couple wants to change that with Harry and Meghan.

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According to Sophie Corcoran, there is jealousy between Kate and Meghan.Picture: PA Wire/Kirsty O'Connor

An expert makes serious allegations against Meghan

For expert Sophie Corcoran, there is a completely different motivation behind the series. This entire documentary is analyzed from Kate's hatred and jealousy Journalist. “That's why this whole thing exists, the whole problem with the royal family and Harry and Meghan exists.”

The reason for her jealousy is clear:

“Meghan can't stand Kate because Kate is beautiful, she's elegant, she's going to be queen and she's the center of attention.”

Corcoran says Prince Harry's wife can't handle her sister-in-law's popularity. “Meghan will never be the center of attention,” she concluded.

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Harry and Meghan: A pathetic attempt to take back control

In their eponymous documentary, the Duchess asks whether it doesn't make sense to hear the story of Harry and Meghan themselves. The couple wants to reclaim the narrative about their lives.

Corcoran sees a different motivation behind the decision to make an entire Netflix production about the personal lives of “H” and “M,” as they call each other in the series. She accuses the Duchess of malicious intent because “what Meghan really wanted was control because she is manipulative.”

“She could not manipulate the press in Great Britain,” the nobility expert continues. And further: “That's why she was angry. She couldn't force people to write the stories she wanted them to write.”