March 2, 2024

An artificial intelligence experience for culture and art lovers

In 2018, Google introduced Art Selife, a feature that allowed users to discover their historical art likenesses. The company has now developed the function further. The new version, Art Selfie 2, uses generative AI to place the user's photos in different artistic and historical contexts.

The idea originally came about as part of the Artists-in-Residence program at Google Arts & Culture. Art Selfie 2 allows users of the Google Arts & Culture app to… Take a selfie Choose from a range of designs. These designs include different cultural and historical themes. After choosing a design, the AI ​​creates an image The user's personal photo is integrated into the given context. This allows users to see what their faces would look like in different artistic styles or historical scenarios.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google's new flagship smartphone features not only a revised camera, but also new AI functions, a new Tensor G3 chip and an ultra-bright OLED display.

During image creation, information about… Different styles and eras an offer. After the image is complete, users can explore more details about the topics displayed. Google has also introduced Art Remix, a feature that allows this Edit the artwork based on your own input. This expands the possibilities for interaction with art and artificial intelligence.

Images: Google

The application is available for download

Art Selfie 2 is available in the Google Arts & Culture app for Android And internal control Department Available at present. What do you think of such an application? Are you interested in seeing yourself in different artistic and historical contexts while learning about art and history?

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