December 5, 2023

American circles: Hamas wanted to smuggle wounded fighters to Egypt

American departments

Hamas is said to have put its wounded fighters on an exit list

The evacuation of seriously wounded Palestinians is said to have been delayed due to an attempt to include some of its wounded fighters on the list of people with permission to leave the Gaza Strip.


It is said that Hamas tried to smuggle some of its fighters out of the Gaza Strip as people holding exit permits.

France Press agency

  • According to an anonymous source, the US government said that Hamas fighters mingled with infected Palestinians.

  • So they wanted to leave the country for Egypt.

  • Ultimately, Hamas removed the people from the list.

According to American information, Hamas is said to have attempted this Some of their fighters were wounded To be included on the list of people allowed to leave the Gaza Strip. A senior member of US President Joe Biden’s administration told reporters on Friday that the extremist group’s maneuvers had delayed the evacuation of hundreds of foreign citizens and seriously injured Palestinians from the isolated coastal area this week. The source spoke on condition of anonymity.

Hamas agreed to allow foreigners stranded in the Gaza Strip to leave if some injured Palestinians were also allowed to leave the area through the Rafah border crossing towards Egypt to receive medical treatment.

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They are suspected of being Hamas fighters

But the American source said that when Egyptian officials examined the exit list, they noticed a number of injured Palestinians who were suspected of being fighters in the militant Islamist group. The United States, Israel and Egypt have made clear that it is “unacceptable” to include Hamas fighters on the list.

Ultimately, Hamas removed the people from the list. After that, dozens of seriously injured Palestinians were allowed to leave the Gaza Strip along with foreign citizens.

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