December 4, 2023

Fire at the disco: Local in Spain does not have a license

13 deaths

Disaster disco in Spain should not be open at all

A fire broke out in a club in the Spanish city of Murcia on Sunday morning. 13 people died. According to the city, a local closure order was issued last year.


A fire broke out at the Spanish club “Fonda Milagros” on Sunday.

France Press agency

A nightclub in the city of Murcia in southern Spain, attended by 13 people on Sunday In a devastating fire They were killed, and it must be closed early in 2022. This was announced by the city’s deputy mayor, Antonio Navarro, on Monday. In January 2022, the city council ordered the closure of the Fonda Milagros discotheque because the operating company only had a license for one of the two clubs — the Theater — but not for the Fonda Milagros, which later opened next door in 2022. The same building, Navarro said.

He told reporters: “We will clarify all responsibilities,” without explaining the reason for the continued operation of the club, which was attended mostly by Latin Americans. Navarro said the appeal of the closure order was denied in March 2022, and that the company was asked to comply with the decision in October 2022, but did not do so.

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Three discotheques affected by the fire

The cause of the fire is still unclear. On Sunday afternoon, police assumed that the fire broke out on the top floor of two discos in the same building. A third nightclub on “Golden” Street was also damaged by the fire. The bodies were all found in Funda Milagros, where the fire broke out and where a birthday party was held. According to authorities, the victims so far are citizens of Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Spain.

In Spain there have been several disco disasters in the past. In 2017, 40 people were injured when the roof of a crowded nightclub on the holiday island of Fuerteventura collapsed. In 1990, 43 people died in a fire in a nightclub in the city of Zaragoza in northern Spain.

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