February 22, 2024

Sternenhimmel (imago images / Panthermedia)

Aliens and the US Air Force

Since August 2020 at the latest, when the Pentagon announced the creation of a task force to analyze UAPs, UFO fever has risen again in the United States. During the coronavirus lockdowns, sightings of unidentified flying objects by citizens have increased. The topic really gained speed with videos that were actually recorded between 2004 and 2019, primarily by fighter pilots.

(Coalition photo/AP Photo | John Loescher)UFO report announced – ‘After that there will be no clarity’
US intelligence agencies want to publish a report on unidentified objects in flight soon. However, space historian Alexander Gebert does not believe that the text will provide more clarity: “In the nature of things UFOs cannot be explained.”

Black and white images, captured with infrared cameras: what you see are apparently objects that fly very quickly, change direction unexpectedly or rotate on their axis. The Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of the videos circulating on the Internet. On the popular TV show “60 Minutes,” former Navy pilot Dave Fravor described to presenter Bill Whitaker what he wants to see with his own eyes: technology that looks much better than that of the US military.

“It looks like these UFOs can stay in the air indefinitely. We can’t. We’re also limited in height. It’s hard to build something that works so well close to the ground, and then goes up 20 or 25 kilometers and back again in a matter of seconds. Vertically at a small height.

mission for science

In addition, the blurry images show no wings, no wings, nor an engine that produces heat. Several pilots and crews have given similar interviews. Even former President Barack Obama said on an entertainment show that he can’t reveal everything when it comes to UFOs, fueling speculation. Astronomer Avi Loeb of Harvard University sees this as a scientific mission.

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“Serious people, politicians, government officials and the military, to whom we entrust the security of our country, say: These are things on the run that we do not understand. Then it is the duty of science to find out what these things are. Any important question!”

sign says (Arndt Beltner)UFO Faith in the USA
Nearly half of Americans believe in UFOs. Quite a few of them are actively searching for them: around the 51st Air Force Base area in Nevada, for example.

Instead, you mock these people as soon as they talk about UAPs, and Avi Loeb criticizes. The pilots also talked about it on television. They felt as if they had made themselves laugh at the entire aircraft carrier. Unknown things in your airspace need to be taken seriously. Especially because the Navy has watched it over and over – even daily, one pilot said – in closed airspace. After all, they can be hostile machines. Or just extraterrestrial technology, which would be very interesting. Avi Loeb demands that there should be an end to the ridicule of people considering this option. He includes science in this. Because whoever, like him, considers extraterrestrial high tech a possible explanation, it is also the subject of ridicule in science. A cultural problem, Loeb believes.

“Scientists often care about their image. Our culture is designed to show that one is smart, that one does not make mistakes and one does not take risks. But the idea was for professors to have positions for life so that they can take risks and be innovative. We should be less afraid of our image. And to be more guided by scientific evidence to judge whether an idea is true or not.”

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Secret technology, confidential data

US Navy UAP videos lack this scientific evidence. It is believed that there is more data about the phenomena than the short videos posted. But because it was recorded using a secret technology, the data and its analyzes have been kept secret until now. The Pentagon commission’s report to Congress is unlikely to change that. However, Mick West has found some information that can help understand the phenomena in the videos. He is one of the most popular amateur analyzers of UFO videos.

“The infrared camera system in the FA18s was hard to tell. There are not even video recordings of it because it’s top secret. So I looked at Raytheon’s patents. They described the interior of the system in detail and I was able to deduce the optical effects that could create a false impression of an object.” Rotor with unusual heat radiation.

In addition, Mick West analyzes measurement data from the devices onboard the jet aircraft that are mounted on the videos. In posts on his YouTube channel, he usually comes to the conclusion that UFOs are more like weather balloons or regular planes than extraterrestrial technology. However, Avi Loeb stresses that more publicly available data is needed to clarify what it really is. Science, with its precise tools, can provide this data by observing the sky itself from where the phenomena have been reported.

“Scientists must answer questions that society cares about. Even if things are a regular thing. Otherwise, people will speculate and get crazy ideas. Scientists can shed light and help the public interpret the report.”

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