June 21, 2024

A question for science - is the QR code unique?

A question for science – is the QR code unique?

A QR code is nothing more than a text consisting of single characters or letters that are not represented by the familiar Latin alphabet, but in a standardized form of pixels, that is, binary numbers and zeros. It can be compared to a message in Morse code. This is also just one way to present your text. For example, “… —…” becomes “SOS”. In this way, the QR code is not unique in the world either.

However, QR codes are often used to define a website URL (eg http://ministeriumXY.gc.at) To encode. The URL identifies a resource on a web server, such as an image or a written document, and is unique worldwide. This can also be used to check the legitimacy of the document. Example: It should be easy to verify the official document from the XY Authority. However, a document can be forged very easily (before printing), especially if it is sent over the Internet.

However, if a QR code is shown on this, it will lead to a unique URL, like http://ministeriumXY.gv.at/ documents / 6ec6e87f6ser7fshee8rfjxs erxg778gnc8se7rg, This can prevent fraud. This URL, which appears as a QR code, is not only unique worldwide, it can also be used to verify an original document.

Meanwhile, unauthorized users cannot view the document online without the code, because the probability of guessing a valid QR code ID (6ec6e87f6ser7fshee8rfjxserxg778gnc8se7rg) is astronomical due to its length. It is important to understand that the QR code in this example does not, of course, show the entire document – it is stored on the server – but only the globally unique web address where the original can be found.

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