March 2, 2024

Alchemist: Intel bestätigt 16 GB für die Arc A770 und 8 GB für die A750

Alchemist: Intel confirms 16 GB for the Arc A770 and 8 GB for the A750

While the low-cost Arc A380 (test) is already available in Chinese stores and Intel’s entry-level model is no longer known, the larger models are still a mystery, at least in terms of official information. Intel itself has now named the memory configuration for the two fastest graphics cards.

How are the Intel winners?Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt“A contest was started by Intel a few months ago, I informed the site about the Alchemist graphics cards that the 300 winners would receive. Video Cards He was able to find out.

Accordingly, 200 winners will receive the Arc A750 “performance graphics card” and thus the second fastest model, which will select 8GB of GDDR6 memory. The remaining 100 winners, on the other hand, will receive the “premium model” Arc A770, which will use 16GB of VRAM as much as the smaller version. The Arc A770 is the flagship of the Alchemist generation.

The A750 bow turns straight home

Intel also announced that a full desktop launch is now in the pipeline and that the Arc A750 is currently undergoing final internal testing at Intel before cards are sent to the press for testing. The Arc A770 isn’t mentioned in this context, so it’s conceivable that the flagship and the smaller expansion stage won’t appear at the same time – but that’s just a guess.

Arc A380 still shows many problems in testing

On the other hand, ComputerBase was able to take a closer look at the smaller (tested) Arc A380 and therefore the fastest low-end model from the Alchemist. The test showed the possibility of getting a graphics card on a par with the Radeon RX 6400 and GeForce GTX 1650. However, various driver errors cause many problems, ranging from a non-working fan stop mode, crashes, programs that do not start and sometimes major problems In the frame speed in games. In theory, the Intel Arc A380 is a competitor to entry-level AMD and Nvidia products, but in practice it wasn’t far off until a much better software version appeared.

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