May 22, 2024

Agreement violated?: Looks like Jot Bahrami is sending Kounde's coach home

Lara Gut-Behrami may be looking to a future without Kunde coach Alejo Hervás.

Corner stone

Lara Gut-Bahrami will clearly be sending her coach Kounde home during the World Cup final in Saalbach. Reason: According to a media report, she reportedly heard that her coach had decided to change.

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  • According to a report from 'Blick', Lara Gut-Behrami will send Kunde coach Alejo Hervás home before the end of the season.
  • It seems Hervas has decided to switch to the Swiss men's ski team. Gut Bahrami noticed this, as Hervas had to go home.
  • Swiss Ski's Alpine Director, Hans Flatscher, confirms the men's team's interest in Hervas. But no decision has been taken yet.

Lara Gut-Bahrami is on her way to winning four Crystal Balls in one World Cup winter. She already has the overall World Cup championship and the giant slalom ball in her bag, and with two races remaining, she is also at the top of the rankings in downhill and super-G. Alejo Hervas, Gut Bahrami's fitness coach, played an important role in the success. Just a few days ago, Pauly Gutt, the World Cup winner's father, said his daughter loves working with him.

But now it seems that the cooperation has ended. how “Scenery» Reports, Gut Bahrami sends Hervas home during the World Cup final.

Men's team competes for Hervas – Flatcher confirms interest

Background: Successful work with Jot Bahrami seems to spark interest in Hervas. Among others, the 48-year-old Swiss men's ski team is participating. The article states that Hervas first asked for time to think about the matter and then agreed. Gut Bahrami was supposed to know about his decision after the World Cup final in Saalbach, but it seems that the information was leaked to her and she confronted her coach Kounde about it. Hervas confirmed his move, and Gut-Behrami pulled the rope and sent him home immediately.

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Lara Gut-Behrami's World Cup win finished 23/24: Conde coach Alejo Hervás.
Lara Gut-Behrami's World Cup win finished 23/24: Conde coach Alejo Hervás.


“Alejo (Hervas, editor) is interested in joining the Swiss men's ski team. “But nothing has been decided yet,” the article quoted Hans Flatcher, director of Swiss Ski Alpine, as saying. Discussions and group formations for next season will not take place until after the end of this winter.

Did Hervas breach the agreement?

In January, Hervas said of Gut Bahrami on “Blick”: “We have an agreement. I will accompany you until the end of your career. There is no date yet, everything is moving and she will decide when that will happen.”

It is clear that the time for separation has already come, even before Gut Bahrami's resignation. Under Hervás, the Lady of Canton Ticino claimed two World Cup titles, one Olympic victory and 23 World Cup victories. And in Saalbach, she is aiming for two more complete successes, without Hervas by her side.