May 19, 2024

A sports expert is asked live on US TV where to land in Fortnite: Schweitzer answers

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An American sports expert recommends Fortnite Drop © YouTube / Stephen A. Smith

An American sports expert was asked live on his show where he will end up in Fortnite. Without having any idea, he gave the biggest answer.

BRISTOL, Conn. — On Wednesday morning, a viewer asked popular American sports expert Stephen A. Smith on his show where he will end up in Fortnite. Although he had no idea who the shooter was, he answered the question in typical Stephen A. Smith fashion.

A sports expert answers a Fortnite question live on TV – this is where Stephen A. will end up. Smith

Where will the “expert” end up? Smith, a well-known American sports expert, often answers fan questions about his show. On the morning of Wednesday, March 6, not one of his viewers asked a math question. Instead, the fan wanted to know where the Fortnite sports presenter would end up. Without knowing anything about the game, Stephen A. Smith Schweitzer's absolute answer:

I'll go with tilted towers. Do you know why? It's right in the middle and all the action seems to happen there.

Coincidentally, experienced players in Tilted Towers often end up increasing their kill numbers. But if you're looking for thrills like Stephen A. Smith, this is definitely the best place to land. There'll be enough of that in the new season of Fortnite: Fortnite: Season 2 starts tomorrow – patch v29.00 and Battle Pass released.

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For the ultimate Fortnite skins, there's the Season 2 Odyssey skin. The better you play, the cooler the skin gets: Fortnite Free Skin – This is how you get the Odyssey skin for free.

Who is Stephen A Smith?

Stephen A. Smith is a well-known sports journalist, commentator, and TV presenter from the United States. He is especially known for his work as a commentator and host on several sports and news channels such as ESPN. Smith is known for his passionate and controversial commentary as well as his sports reporting expertise. It mainly covers basketball and American football. Smith has gained a large fan base throughout his career, making him a well-known figure in the American sports media landscape.

A sports expert gives Fortnite tips live on TV – fans are celebrating his clip

Here's what fans are saying: Posted by Stephen A. Smith posted the snippet on TikTok and Twitter and fans were delighted with his response:

  • The man has no idea“One user commented within the TikTok post
  • G wrote: “My brother is playing himself 100%.
  • I love how seriously he takes these questionssays Oberweis4

If Stephen A. Smith is already planning to play Fortnite, so he should definitely stream the whole thing. That would definitely be a lot of fun to stream. Maybe someone should ask him what he thinks of the new Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass. There are some cool items in: Fortnite: Battle Pass Chapter 5, Season 2 – All Leaks and Info.

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