June 24, 2024

15 elephants migrate to Kunming, China

15 elephants migrate to Kunming, China

15 elephants migrate to Kunming, China

Annoyed snakes Kunming.

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There is currently a roaming herd of 15 Asian elephants China to excite.

According to Xinhua, authorities in the southern Chinese city of Kunming have been put on “alert” after the animals reached the major city limits this week.

Therefore, the elephants living in the wild left their habitat on April 16 and have since migrated about 500 km north through Yunnan Province. Some animals were diverted from areas densely populated with food. Roads were also closed.

To keep the herd away from people and settlements, security forces have been sent to monitor the animals, according to Xinhua. More than 200 vehicles are in use. it was Drones Used to monitor animals around the clock.

Most Asian elephants live in China’s Yunnan Province. According to Xinhua, its population has increased by about 100 to 300 animals since the 1980s. (aeg/sda/dpa)

Elephant running in a crowd in India


Elephant running in a crowd in India

What: AB / AB

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