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▷ SmallRig launches cage for fp series, certified by SIGMA

26.03.2021 – 04:00


Shenzhen, China (OTS / PRNewswire)

SmallRig Accessory Solutions for SIGMA fp & fp L.

SIGMA and SmallRig officially worked together in the early stages of accessories development. With the goal of providing filmmakers with the best possible user experience, designers and engineers on both sides frequently exchanged ideas and visions until final approval.

SmallRig-Cage for SIGMA fp series (ID: 3211) can effectively support professional video recordings and enable SIGMA users to take full advantage of Bayer’s suite of complete images under various scenarios.

Meanwhile, SmallRig-Cage was launched for the SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11 (ID: 3226). It is SmallRig-Cage compatible for the SIGMA fp series and has many threaded holes for various attachments as well as quickly changing between different recording modes.

The SIGMA fp L was designed for recordings in many scenes. To support this, the SmallRig-Cage Kit for the SIGMA fp series (ID: 3227) has greater compatibility, and an integrated NATO rail allows for the top handle and screen to be assembled and disassembled quickly. In order to maintain a compact and lightweight design, the cage is also compatible with SIGMA ELECTRONIC VIEWFINDER EVF-11 and associated accessories, providing a comfortable recording experience.

SIGMA fp L has created the complete environment for handheld recordings, dual robot recordings and cartoon recordings with SmallRig accessories. More possibilities will be presented later.

Information about Sigma

Sigma Corporation is an optical instrument manufacturer established in 1961. For half a century, as a global company and independent brand, SIGMA has not only manufactured various interchangeable lenses and cameras, but has also shown innovations in the development and production of various optical instruments.

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About SmallRig

Founded in 2009, SmallRig is an innovation-driven manufacturer that designs and manufactures high-quality equipment and accessories for all types of cameras. Our distribution network extends to more than 200 countries and regions, while our products are well supported by more than 500,000 filmmakers and photographers worldwide.

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