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You can watch the ceremony live on TV here

As of April 28, 2023 at 5:48 PM

Coronation of King Charles III. It is the royal event of the year. Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone to be out there in London waving the flag. But you can also take part in the festivities from home. BRISANT with an overview where you can follow the coronation on TV.

Great Britain Upside Down – for three days. May 6-8, King Charles III. He is celebrated throughout the country as a monarch who will be crowned in Great Britain after 70 years. The heir to the throne did not wait much longer for his position.

The program includes air shows, concerts, a coronation feast and much more. So that you can do the most important thing – the coronation Saturday, May 6th – Do not miss it, we offer an overview of where you can watch the concert.

Coronation lives on the ard in the beginning

The first broadcasts the coronation in over five hours of live reporting From 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Foreign correspondent Annette Dirt reports from London. The transmission will be directed by Julia Niharika Sen and royal house expert Leontine Countess von Schmittow.

4 m The first thing to do is the documents “Charles – The Fateful Years of the King” tracking. No British monarch was older when he came to the throne, and the heir to the throne has not waited longer to become king. But who is the man who now sits on the throne of the United Kingdom?

BRISANT then summarizes all the highlights 4:45 p.m in the first together. BRISANT.DE will also accompany the coronation live via the Internet throughout the day.

If you missed it, you can 11:40 p.m Run again. Then comes “King Charles III – Coronation Highlights” in the first.

Royal software on ZDF

ZDF does not broadcast the coronation live, but does offer a topical program related to the coronation: fans of the royal family can learn more about the portrait of King Charles III in “Terra X History”. Be happy. His relatives and companions are also enlightened. Documentary can April 30th It is streamed in the ZDF Media Library.

On Coronation Day, ZDF sums up the day’s events with “ZDF Royal”. 7:45 p.m together. Royal house expert Julia Melchior and Christina von Ungern-Sternberg comment on the coronation.

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