March 3, 2024

William Shatner: ‘Captain Kirk’ goes to RT

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‘Captain Kirk’ will work for the Kremlin in the future: William Shatner goes to state radio station RT

Star Trek star William Shatner in an archive photo from 2016

© Christoph Hardt / Geisler-Photopress / Picture Alliance

William Shatner is under severe criticism: his new program “I do not understand” on the US channel of Russian radio RT is alarming.

Captain Kirk is currently causing a furor: former “Spaceship” star William Shatner gets his own show on the American branch of Russian state broadcaster RT. On July 12th, “I Don’t Understand” starts on RT America. According to the broadcaster, he answers “fantastic, objective questions that naturally interest people but are treated reluctantly by established media.”

One looks at the show for answers to the phenomena of the universe and wants to explain the nature of the universe. For example, it concerns the big bang, dark matter, and the danger of space junk. I don’t understand anything, I’m going to ask questions,” said the 90-year-old Shatner in an advertising video on RT, referring to the show’s title.

Star Trek: "Captain Kirk" Will work with the Kremlin in the future: William Shatner goes to the state radio station RT

Shatner responds to criticism

To severe criticism from the American media about his new engagement Shatner explained via TwitterThat other channels would be paid by countries: “Do you already know that intelligence services like the BBC World Service are funded from the UK’s defense budget?” On the other hand, RT officials celebrate new arrivals as normal. “Captain Kirk has turned on the good side,” says RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonjan.


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