June 16, 2024

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Where is the downsizing? What sport should do to achieve more sustainability

TheLet’s plant trees! In Berchtesgaden, for example. Professional sliders dug holes there and planted new plants. There are now over 100 beech and larch trees. Snowboard Germany president Michael Holz said one takes social responsibility very seriously. But no more than the first green coat has been done. Because the lifestyle of snowboarders is not good for the environment. They are not alone in this. And they’re not the first to plant trees either. Two rowers started their paddling forest in order to counteract the large carbon dioxide footprint resulting from the many trips. There’s also a hockey jungle, an idea for German hockey women: in the Grootbus Reservation in South Africa. Anything is better than nothing. Others don’t care about this problem at all.

But the question is: Why is the mathematical system still this way? It is highly dependent on international travel and high consumption of resources. Snowboarders travel from Switzerland to the United States for the World Cup, and then to Canada. Traveling for sports – totally normal. Because less travel can also mean: fewer organizers, fewer sponsors, and ultimately less money. But this is exactly the “less is more”, downsizing, that the sport will need in order to become more sustainable.

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