June 24, 2024

US: Republican Santos conduct under investigation – Politics

Allegations against Member of Parliament George Santos have been around for some time. Now the Ethics Committee of the US House of Representatives has decided to investigate the allegations more closely. A separate subcommittee has been set up to deal with Santos in the case, the committee said.

Among other things, he is being investigated for allegedly engaging in illegal manipulation of last year’s Congressional election campaign against the Republican Party. There are allegations of lack of transparency and sexual harassment in the House of Representatives.

In early February, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, Santos’s party colleague, announced that the Ethics Committee would clarify the allegations against Santos. Santos has long been under fire. He is said to have invented most of her CV – including information about her career and her appearance. It was recently revealed that the FBI was investigating him for alleged misuse of donations.

A former candidate for a post in Santos’ office is MP. She has accused him of sexually harassing her. Santos denied this. Santos has yet to comply despite repeated requests for his resignation. If he vacates his seat in the House of Representatives, Republicans could lose the recently heavily Democratic New York seat in the midterm elections. This would mean a very narrow majority Grand Old Party Even smaller in the House of Representatives.