May 18, 2024

This is how you get rid of the bristles

How to get rid of witch hair

Hair witch you can with one razor or tweezers Removal, however: When plucking with tweezers, the hair is usually pulled out with the root, but it still grows back, usually faster. In the worst case, you may injure the skin with the forceps method. The result can be unpleasant redness to painful inflammation. If hair falls out, it can also grow back – the result is a painful and inflammatory process.

This is the best way to counter witch hair laser method. Light impulses destroy the root of the hair. Clinical studies, according to the German Medical Journal, prove that laser is a very good and proven method for facial hair removal. In approximately 68 percent of people, the laser treatment resulted in complete or near-total hair removal.

Caution is advised when Hair on birthmarks grow. Here, the hair should be shortened only with scissors, so as not to harm the delicate skin. Anyone who suffers severely from birthmark hair should see a dermatologist. Complete removal of the mole is often the best solution.

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Get rid of the witch’s hair with these tweezers

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