February 23, 2024

The piste is packed to the brim – valley running in Ischgl (Austria) is not much fun.

For winter sports enthusiasts, the Ischgl region in the Tyrolean Alps is an ideal place for a ski holiday. It is also known as “Alpine lifestyle for winter sports enthusiasts”.

The ski area extends to an altitude of 2872 meters with 239 ski slopes in the cross-border ski area. The destination has 46 cable cars that transport piste goers from point A to point B. Enough space? At least that's what one might think.

It seems like all hell is starting to break loose in Ischgl on January 27: some riders are sliding down the slope because there is simply no more space.

One skier and snowboarder after another – there is little chance of making your way through the hustle and bustle. The crowds on the ramp are huge.

One user said of the scene: “I could do without skating.” Another commented on the situation briefly and succinctly, saying: “No, thank you.”

However, the destination is defended: “It is not always like this and everywhere in Ischgl. Only on the steep slopes after the après-ski hut at 4:30 p.m.' so you can calm down.

As a tip, one of them says: “You have to be in the valley in Ischgl by 3pm… not a minute later, otherwise it will look like this.”

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