May 22, 2024

The doctor was fired Salto

The insistence that…

The insistence with which anti-vax activists display their ignorance has pathological qualities. It's almost masochistic. Since you still don't understand: Vaccinations work to prevent or mitigate a potential problem from the beginning. The magic word is prevention, which in medicine is still better than relying on treatment. Or do you give up the roof when building the house because it doesn't mean there will be rain?
Neither the European Medicines Agency nor Pfizer have ruled out protection against infection. It has only been said that protection against infection was not part of the requirements file (a vaccine that protects against serious diseases was sought) and therefore was not tested. But – and thinkers always ignore this – in tests on volunteers, it was practically determined that the vaccine also protects against infection. There is no need to explain the situation completely clearly. Just because people like you are unable to recognize the simplest associations even after three years, it does not mean that the rest of the population is also infected with this disease.

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