May 18, 2024

SZ Podcast "On the Point" - News from July 2, 2021 - Economy

SZ Podcast “On the Point” – News from July 2, 2021 – Economy

No more tough tax competition: 130 countries have agreed to a global minimum tax rate of 15%. Big companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook must finally give up more and stop hiding themselves in tax havens.

However, international tax reform is not without controversy. Ireland is not involved at the moment, Switzerland has concerns and the UK wants the banks to be excluded. However, Bastian Brinkmann says, the agreement is a historic step. But it won’t eliminate all grievances, says SZ’s vice president of business.

Other topics: Toni Kroos is ending his DFB career, countries want to implement Stiko’s cross-pollination recommendation immediately.

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