June 21, 2024

Herzogin Meghans neues Podcast-Projekt läuft gut an. Foto: Shaun Jeffers/Shutterstock

Spotify Charts: Megan’s podcast models are still on top

Duchess Meghan’s new podcast project is off to a good start. Photo: Sean Jeffers/Shutterstock

The first release of Meghan’s new podcast with Serena Williams was a huge hit. The second with Mariah Carey is also: “The Originals” is still at the top of podcast charts in five countries.

Duchess Meghan’s podcast, 41, continues to gain a lot of attention: ‘Originals’ remain at the top of podcast charts in Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and the UK for a second week.

Last week, Originals was #1 in the US and India, and the podcast is currently #2 there. In the first episode, Meghan hosted her good friend and tennis star Serena Williams (40) as a guest. In the second episode, Megan spoke with singer Mariah Carey (53).

Meghan’s next guest: Mindy Kaling

The weekly show, hosted and produced by the Duchess, aims to “dissect, explore, and subvert posters that attempt to obstruct women,” according to the trailer. In the next episode, writer and actress Mindy Kaling, 43, will talk to Meghan. “Originals” are available exclusively on Spotify.