June 17, 2024

Smoking outside also puts children at risk

Smoking outside also puts children at risk

Even if the number of smokers drops dramatically and many people avoid smoking indoors, the pollutants are still present. Whether in the breath, in the clothes, or in the hair: smokers continue to carry toxic particles and thus pose a danger to their human peers. Children can especially suffer from it.

Most people realize that smoking is harmful to health. Those who nevertheless decide to use tobacco are in most cases cautious enough to move this activity abroad.

Also be careful after smoking

But what many don’t necessarily consider: Both secondhand smoke and the toxins that remain after smoking are still harmful. annoying Kindergesundheit-info.de Children whose organs are still growing frequently suffer from the following diseases if they belong to families of passive smokers:

  • Inflammation of the middle ear
  • Cough, phlegm, shortness of breath, wheezing.
  • pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases of the lower respiratory tract,
  • Asthma (very likely related)

The danger of exposure to second-hand smoke

who – which German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) Distinguish between dominant smoke (smoke that is directly inhaled when smoking) and sidestream smoke (produced when a cigarette is burned).

Smoke from both directions contains the same pollutants. Sidestream smoke contains some toxins in concentrations ten times higher and sticks to the skin, hair, and clothing – the so-called secondhand smoke.

Of course, the risk is especially high for young children, because they like to be held by their parents and need physical closeness.

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Measures that contribute to children’s health include:

  • Avoid smoking in confined spaces (car), even with the window open,
  • Keep windows and doors closed when smoking outside
  • wearing additional clothing for smoking outside, such as a jacket or hat that can be taken off before entering,
  • Start to quit smoking.

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