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BERLIN – It’s the greatest mystery of our solar system: is there really a mysterious ninth planet on the very edge, and where is it hiding? The European Space Agency is now considering a mission there. That would be a sensation!

Bild explains the search for the lost orb.

After Pluto was stripped of its planetary status, there were only seven other planets orbiting our sun besides Earth.

Most researchers now agree: Earth has another neighbor, but it hides in the vastness of space.

Planet Nine can be found using this new telescope, which will soon be operational in ChileFoto: Rubin Observatory / NSF / AURA

Dr. Hauke ​​Hussmann, a planetary researcher from the German Aerospace Center, told BILD: “I think the Planet Nine thesis is convincing.”

This thesis has been moving across the fields of astronomy for some time. Just no one has seen the planet yet. That must change now. Research using large telescopes.

Dr. Haussmann: The only problem is finding it in orbit. A very large expanse of sky must be sought. In addition, the target object is very faint because it is very far from the sun.”

This is how researchers got to the bottom of Planet Nine

Planet Nine orbits the Sun in the cold, dark outskirts. It takes several thousand years to orbit the Earth, while it only takes one year. In addition, Planet 9 should be ten times heavier. The special orbits of smaller celestial bodies at the edge of the solar system initially put researchers on the trail of Planet Nine. Needs to attract these small planets.

ESA Chief of Science Günther Hasinger will find a fascinating mission to Planet Nine

ESA Chief of Science Günther Hasinger will find a fascinating mission to Planet NinePhoto: ESA-M. Pedoussaut, 2018

Günther Hasinger, ESA’s Director of Science, has the potential to undertake a mission: “The location of this planet is almost known. It is currently being searched frantically. But if you can fix your situation, it would be great to fly there.”

This is what Pluto looks like after losing its planetary status

This is what Pluto looks like after losing its planetary statusPhoto: picture alliance / dpa

The tragic crash of Pluto

Pluto suffered a tragic collapse: from the ninth known planet in our solar system to the dwarf planet, or plutoid. The state of the planets was withdrawn after astronomers discovered a number of other small celestial bodies in the so-called Kuiper belt in its vicinity. It is teeming with asteroids and asteroids. Pluto used to be considered the smallest planet, and now its 2,300 kilometers in diameter are no longer enough. For comparison: the length of the Earth is 12,700 km.

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