April 22, 2024

Researchers succeed in killing tumors

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Ovarian cancer is one of the most aggressive types of cancer. Researchers have now developed a way to kill tumors in the ovaries.

Every year in Germany, according to Robert Koch Institute (Raki) About 7,300 women suffer from ovarian cancer. Cancer is one of the most aggressive tumors, according to… ZDF Today Not only do thousands of women fall ill each year, but thousands also die as a result. Cancer is often discovered only late, when it is already at an advanced stage and metastases have already formed. However, researchers have now achieved groundbreaking success in the fight against ovarian cancer.

Fighting ovarian cancer: A new study gives hope using the active ingredient mRNA

Thousands of women in Germany develop ovarian cancer every year, and thousands die from it. © Bond5 Images/Imago

For you in the specialized magazine Cancer Communications published Stady Scientists at Goethe University and Frankfurt University Hospital have developed a synthetic mRNA as an active ingredient that prevents the uncontrolled spread of cancer cells or kills them. The p53 gene is mutated in 96% of ovarian cancer patients. This gene contains instructions for a protein that normally detects damage to a cell's DNA and stimulates repair mechanisms. However, if the gene is mutated, this protection mechanism does not work.

If a cell wants to produce a particular protein, it has a copy (called mRNA) of the gene to make, which contains the instructions for the protein. However, in women with ovarian cancer, errors are present in the mRNAs, as is the gene from which they were copied. Researchers have now developed an mRNA in the laboratory with the blueprint for a flawless protein. This synthetic mRNA, packaged in lipid vesicles, was collected with human cancer cell cultures. This showed that the cells used the synthetic mRNA to produce functional p53 protein.

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Ovarian cancer: Synthetic mRNA shrinks and kills cancer cells

Synthetically produced mRNA has been successfully used in the study against ovarian cancer tumors grown in the laboratory. After treatment, these cells shrank and began to die. The mRNA was also tested in mice. Ovarian tumors also disappeared almost completely in the animals. In the next step, the scientists want to test messenger RNA (mRNA) in ovarian patients.

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