February 24, 2024

Question for science – What is dark energy?

What energy drives the “accelerated expansion of the universe” remains unexplored.


nNot all phenomena occurring on our Earth have already been researched or can be explained by scientists. One of these phenomena, for example, is the so-called “dark energy”. Philipp Haslinger, winner of the 2021 Lower Austrian Science Prize, explains the mystery behind this term.

The starry sky has always been an incredible fascination for people. Even the smallest flashes of distant stars can be captured using sophisticated telescopes like the James Webb Telescope. Distant stars are moving faster and faster away from Earth. People talk about the accelerating expansion of the universe and look for the energy that leads to this acceleration. It is one of the greatest mysteries of our time.

Science question: dark energy

Philipp Haslinger works as a quantum physicist at the Atomic Institute of the Vienna University of Technology.

Enar de Dios Rodriguez

You can compare it a little bit to driving a car. If you want to go faster in your car, you have to burn gasoline. Fuel energy must be converted into kinetic energy. It is similar to the universe; The accelerating expansion of the universe also requires energy. However, since the primary energy source has not yet been discovered, it is referred to as “dark energy.”

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