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Prince Philip left a legacy with his death

Prince Philip left a legacy with his death

Updated April 11, 2021, 9:20 am

  • The death of Prince Philip just two weeks before the Queen’s 95th birthday raises far-reaching questions about the UK monarchy.
  • RTL’s aristocratic Michael Pegasie convinced this when he spoke to our editorial team about the future of the royal family, the prospect of the Queen, William and Kate abdicating the throne from the British.

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About 24 hours after Prince Philip’s death was announced, Great Britain paused on Saturday. At 12 pm UK time (1 pm CET), cannon shots were fired in honor of the Duke of Edinburgh at the tower in London and across the UK, as well as in Gibraltar.

Prince Consort died on Friday at the age of 99 after undergoing heart surgery in March. For Queen Elizabeth II, her husband’s death began an eight-day mourning period during which she would not attend any appointments and no laws would be passed.

But what are the long-term effects of this painful loss on the life of the future Queen and the future of the kingdom’s monarchy? At the request of our editorial team, Michael Pegas peek inside the royal crystal ball.

To the aristocrat of RTL, this event is far more far-reaching in terms of organization than it might seem at first glance. In his opinion, the Duke left a legacy with his death that could lead the royal family to calmer waters.

Can Prince Philip after his death unite the royal family?

“Philip will be able to reunite the family sooner than you expected,” explains Pegas, referring to the scandalous interview between Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and Oprah Winfrey. Ultimately, this sparked speculation about the rift between Harry and William.

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The royal expert originally assumed the two brothers would meet for the first time on July 1 at the unveiling of the Diana Memorial in London. However, given the current situation, everything speaks of a reunion at Philips’ funeral.

“Although it is a sad occasion, the two princes will notice how close they are. Since the day they had to pursue their mother’s coffin in 1997, at the latest, nothing can separate the two men. Perhaps Philip’s legacy is finally putting an end to the conflict.” Family and looking to the future, “Pegas analyzes.

The interview with the Sussex couple, which can be classified as historical, has left their mark on the entire royal family – on the Queen, who will celebrate her 95th birthday on April 21, as well as on her husband, who has since passed away. . However, the aristocratic expert is sure that “the Queen does not blame her grandson for bringing her grandfather to the grave.”

In his estimation, Philip survived much bigger crises in his long life in good health from this interview. “Philip was a very realistic person. He knew very well he was going to finish,” Pegas said.

Michael Pegas does not believe in the Queen’s early abdication

Against this background, it can be assumed that the Queen and Prince consort have done in past weeks and months what they have always done during the nearly eight decades together: to consult. It would also concern the question of whether the queen could conceivably abdicate the throne in the event of his death.

As an RTL journalist explained in an interview with this editorial team in January, this scenario would essentially be a “shameful move” for the Queen, regardless of current events.

Almost three months later, the 94-year-old’s attitude toward her office has not changed. At that time she swore that she would devote her whole life to serving the crown (“It may be long or shortToday we know: Elizabeth II looks back on a long life.

Certainly, the question of how long she would like to continue her rule is clear in light of the turbulent weeks past and the death of Prince Philip. But: “The fact that this question arises does not mean for me that she will sign a abdication because of sadness. He is very rational,” explains Pegas, “She is sad, but she is in good health.”

When it comes to family strikes, the Queen does not exclude: “If you lose someone with whom you have lived and worked symbiotically for nearly eight decades, that weakens the person. Of course, Philip’s death may steal a portion of the will to life that she has never questioned before.”

Not only has the Queen lost the love of her life in the original Greek, but she also lost her most important counselor, “Spindoctor” who, since her coronation in 1952, has been loving, intelligent and far-sighted in the background of things she may not have seen at all. “Looking back on the past, the Queen’s reign would never have been like this if this man had not been by her side,” says Pegas.

The hope for a stable monarchy rests with William and Kate

What does this vision mean for the future of the UK monarchy? Princess Anne put it briefly in her reaction to her father’s death in a BBC interview in which all four of Elizabeth and Philip’s children spoke. Life without her father, who had always found ways to make a difference, would be very different.

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On the other hand, heir to the throne Prince Charles highlighted the “amazing energy” of Phillips, describing him as someone who “treated everyone as an individual and gave everyone the respect they believed they deserved as an individual.”

This special gift will be lacking for the family. The Queen will have to continue her efforts to restore calm to the royal family from now on without her Greatest Counselor. In view of this priority for her, an early abdication of the Queen seems more likely, since this, in connection with the preparation for the coronation of Prince Charles, would have the exact opposite effect.

Discussions will be programmed in the media and in public places about whether your oldest son, who is 72, is the right person to the throne. Pegas takes a mixed view on this question: “As of today, Charles will of course assume his mother’s crown, but he does not represent the future, but the past and the present – without denying his validity as king.”

For those familiar with the affairs of the royal family, it is clear: “The hope for a stable monarchy rests with William, Kate and their three children. These five people are the ones who will lead the country to the next royal generation – not Prince Charles.”

He had magic – and mischief in the neck. Despite his wild style, the late Prince Philip was always loyal to the Queen of England. He lived a privileged life for 99 years – his childhood was never rosy and the British also had very difficult times with him at first.