February 29, 2024

Pay2Win’s skin is tense – fans are still angry

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Pay2Win’s bad skin has finally been nerfed in MW3 and Warzone. Fans are still frustrated. Nerfs aren’t enough for them.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – MW3 is on its way to restoring Call of Duty’s reputation. But the road ahead is still a long way off. Right now, one skin in particular is a thorn in the side of many fans. The good piece is so well invisible that it is considered a Pay2Win look among fans. The developers have now finally gotten around to nerfs.

MW3 and Warzone are being terrorized by the Pay2Win skin – with the developer promising nerfs

What is Pay2Win skin? It’s about the Gaia skin included in the Battle Pass for MW2 and Season 6 of Warzone. Fans usually refer to it as a tree or Groot’s skin. It is characterized by being semi-transparent. What sounds terrible on first listen doesn’t get much better in game. You really can’t see the skin. That’s why fans complained about the tree skin in MW3 and Warzone.

MW3: Pay2Win skin is finally nerfed – Sledgehammer Games announces changes © Activision (Montage)

In a post on the MW3 subreddit, Sledgehammer Games, the studio behind MW3, addressed fans. The community should post comments and questions so the studio can address them. Gaia’s skin also appeared.

Changes are planned for Gaia and the Gaia Blackcell Operator in Modern Warfare 3. In the next game update, we will be disabling the skins until we resolve the issue.

How to nerf Pay2Win skin? Sledgehammer Games has not revealed this. So far, fans have only had the security of the studio deactivating the Pay2Win skin. At least until a suitable fix is ​​found. It is also not yet clear when the skin will be removed from the game. Since there is talk of an upcoming update, it is very likely that the Pay2Win skin will be released when MW3 and Warzone Season 1 release.

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MW3 and Warzone: Pay2Win skin finally suffers nerf – players are still angry

What are the demands of the fans? Promises are by no means enough for the masses. On Twitter, several fans complained under a CharlieIntel post on the topic that the skin should simply be removed immediately.

  • itGravesTV complains: “Or just remove the skin completely.”
  • Crowforlife agrees to: “Remove it completely from MW3”
  • JoeyAKangaroo wrote on Reddit: “The skin should never reach MW2 or MW3.”

The fact that Sledgehammer Games is listening to the community doesn’t just show through the upcoming Pay2Win nerf. In the latest update for MW3, there were a number of nerfs to assault rifles that were previously very powerful.