June 14, 2024

Olympic medal in scene: DRC rower Nouajid wants to show off his strength at the World Cup

Olympic medal in scene: DRC rower Nouajid wants to show off his strength at the World Cup

That was a cross-bow shot of the German double paddle. The German Rowing Association’s showboat only finished third in the European Championships, and was clearly defeated by the Netherlands and even behind Great Britain. “We have to think about our strengths in order to take the next step and then reach the Olympic medal,” says Carlotta Nwajide of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Hanover. I long ago secured my ticket to Tokyo and the place in the boat. The World Cup began in Zagreb on Friday.


If we take international competition into account once again, this is how it should be now, says Thorsten Zimmer. He is a coach at Federal Base in Hanover and works a lot with Noujid, particularly in technical polishing. For this, the 25-year-old often travels from Berlin, where DRV rowers train. In the past few months, the main goal has been to assert themselves nationally and gain places on boats. This is especially true of the Quartet, which is a guarantee of the precious metal in the most important competitions.

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Maybe there will be competition only in the next World Cup

This World Cup is not one of them, however, in the double four only four teams have scored. In addition to the DRV, France, Switzerland and Poland also participate. “The Polish women missed the European Championship final due to injuries,” Zimmer says, “but they are definitely candidates to win a medal in the Olympics.” So it should be an interesting duel that starts on Friday with a hot deal race and continues on Sunday in the final. “Despite the small field, this is an important start,” said Nouajid, “We want to develop from boat racing to boat races.”

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Zimmer still believes that a medal in Tokyo is possible, although it is clear that the competition is not dormant and will likely only appear at the next World Cup Finals in Switzerland within four weeks. This includes not only the Netherlands and Great Britain, but above all the reigning world champion China. How strong the DRV crew is also to see.

Eighth Belt with Arnold and Hundling abdicated

The German Eighth Belt with Mary Catherine Arnold of the district of Hanoverich RC and Frauke Hundling of the Democratic Republic of the Congo abandoned Zagreb. The crew is fully focused on the Olympic qualifying regatta from 15-17 May in Lucerne. Then two tickets will be awarded to Tokyo.