June 24, 2024

Muslims travel across Canada to raise awareness about Islam and counter Islamophobia

Muslims travel across Canada to raise awareness about Islam and counter Islamophobia

Tehran (IQNA) – A group of Muslims traveled from Toronto to Inuvik via Saskatoon this weekend as part of their campaign to educate people about Islam and fight Islamophobia.

Naveed ul Islam said: “We want to come to the north… to learn from them how they live and what activities we can participate in.”

On Sunday afternoon, the group held an open house on the Midnight Sun campus where people could ask questions about religion.

An Inuvik elder, Ruth Wright, stopped by Sunday after seeing a poster with the announcement. He said, “There are many Muslims all over the world and I want to understand their religion better.”

Ul Islam said the initiative was launched in 2019 with the aim of reaching towns and cities from one coast to another.

Because of last year’s epidemic, this was the group’s first overland journey from east to west, and the first that took them north. Ul Islam appointed a member of their particular faith based in Inuvik to establish contacts in the Beaufort Delta region.

Inuvik’s memorial?

On Monday, the group will give a presentation to the city council, asking if they can help or make a donation. Ul Islam said their proposed town twinning was long overdue.

They will also introduce the monument they want to build in the community. The memorial is said to be similar to a 2017 memorial in Windsor, Ontario. It shows a large globe held by four hands and bears the motto of the association “Love for all, hate for none”.

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Ul Islam said: “At the end of this Memorial Day, we remind them that we are all human … we all deserve to be loved. We are here to build bridges, not destroy them. So this memorial is a very timely, necessary message, and for Canada as much as the rest of the world.” I think it is necessary.

“It brings good news”

Inuvik Mayor Clarence Wood met with the group over the weekend and said he supports such a memorial.

Wood said: “I think it’s good news for all of us. I think it sends a good message to everyone who lives in Inuvik that we can all be happy. I mean there’s a lot of different groups in the city.

The group said that one of the things that Islam insists on is the rights of women. Her group condemns groups like the Taliban that oppose the education of women and girls.

Ul Islam said: “This is a good example of how misunderstandings about Islam have permeated society. The Holy Quran, the foundation of Islam, categorically states that there is no oppression in religion, meaning that no one should be oppressed in the name of religion. Therefore, the Ahmadiyya community believes in freedom of religion, speech and expression as taught to us by the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

Source: CBC.ca