June 21, 2024

More investment in own films

More investment in own films

According to the “Investments in Original European Content” report, between 2011 and 2021 investments in domestic productions rose from 12.7 to 17.4 billion euros, of which 2.8 billion were spent on global streaming platforms. Aside from the 2020 dip, investment has grown more since the emergence of streamers in 2015 than before. Among streamers, Netflix accounts for half of European original investment.

Original European content is defined as productions ranging from fiction to documentaries, talk shows produced in an EU country, the UK or Norway.

Looking at individual countries, the Danes are the strongest public investors, responsible for 74 percent of investments in original European content, followed by the Netherlands and Germany. Spain benefits the most: public broadcasters account for just 14 percent of the country’s total original content investment, while global streamers account for 37 percent, the highest percentage of any other country.

Around 30 per cent (€5 billion) of all original content investment in Europe goes to the UK. Poland, Spain and Sweden have recorded the strongest increases over the past ten years.

More money for Swiss filmmakers

This development should be mirrored in Switzerland as well. After voters voted in favor of “Lex Netflix” in May 2022, Swiss filmmakers will receive CHF 20 million more each year for their work.

Like domestic TV broadcasters, global streaming services are now required to invest a portion of their revenue in Swiss film production. From the beginning of 2024, companies such as Netflix or Disney+ must invest four percent of the sales generated in Switzerland in Swiss film and series productions. In addition, they must now offer 30 percent European films. (sda/apa)

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