June 16, 2024

Meghan's Suits classmate shoots the royal family

Meghan’s Suits classmate shoots the royal family

Shameless and indecent?

After former employees raised allegations in the British newspaper “The Times” that Duchess Megan, 39, was said to bully the staff on a large scale, many friends and colleagues stood by the 39-year-old’s side. Most recently, Patrick J. Adams (39 years old), where Megan can be seen alongside him on “Suits”. In the various posts on Twitter, he left no good hair for the British royal family.

She was always kind and kind

Adams has worked with Megan on “Suits” for a good decade. “She has been an enthusiastic, kind, helpful, kind, happy and supportive member of our TV family from day one,” the actor explains. It hasn’t changed over time. Among other things, she has always shown a work ethic and defended her rights and those of her loved ones.

Then Meghan fell in love with Prince Harry (36 years old), moved to another country and had the difficult task of finding her place in a family “whose dynamics can be described at best as complex” and at worst looks old and poisonous.

“Institutional Rudeness”

Adams said it was “outrageous” to support the royal family and even reinforce allegations of bullying against Meghan against a woman “who was forced to flee the UK to protect her family and her mental health.” In his view, this “final chapter” is an example of “institution rudeness” that is no longer relevant and “apparently does not have decency.” One must “blame, abuse, and torture” others.

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Previously, Janina Javankar (40 years old), beautiful Jamil (35 years old) and her longtime friend Lindsay Gale Roth have already joined Megan. A spokesman for Harry and Meghan said in an official statement: “The Duchess is sad about the recent attack on her character.” The fact that she herself has become a target of bullying obliges her to “support those who have experienced pain and trauma.”