April 23, 2024

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Screenshot – Role Reversal: Here Mario aggressively attacks Donkey Kong. Image: Nintendo/Nintendo/DPA

Even before Bowser, Donkey Kong was Mario's first opponent. In this puzzle game, they meet again, as the gorilla targets a miniature version of the plumber.

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Berlin (dpa/tmn). Whether in platformers or kart racing: Mario is undoubtedly one of the most famous video game characters of all time. In his first appearance, he was still in the shadow of Donkey Kong, who threw barrels at the plumber from above in the game of the same name. The debate between the two continues in the puzzle adventure “Mario vs. Donkey Kong.”

Once again, players take on the role of Mario, who enters the gaming arena with inflatable Mario minifigures. His opponent Donkey Kong is fascinated by the numbers, but unfortunately all copies have already been sold out. When the gorilla breaks into the factory full of envy and takes all the minifigures he can find, Mario follows in his wake.

Tactics with keys and keys

Screenshot – Platform to platform – And don't fall into the lava, Mario!

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo/DPA

Unlike Mario or Donkey Kong platformers, in 2D levels you don't just run from left to right, you take a more tactical approach. The path to the exit is blocked by obstacles that you must remove first: if you press the switches, some walls and platforms disappear into thin air and, in the right combination, clear the way for the switches you need.

Screenshot – Good Thing: Rhino, Wooden Barrel – but there's no Donkey Kong anywhere.

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo/DPA

Once you save your first Mini Marios, they will follow you wherever you go. However, this is not necessarily an advantage in difficult levels, as they must first be directed to the exit. In boss battles, you'll also duel with Donkey Kong himself, who – unsurprisingly – once again uses wooden barrels as projectiles.

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Very modern for a remake

Screenshot – Not just from left to right: Mario also has to work with keys and switches to get around obstacles.

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo/DPA

For a remake of a game released 20 years ago for the Game Boy Advance, “Mario vs. Donkey Kong” feels very modern on Switch. Because the game principle works at that time as it does today and has more to offer with new worlds and a cooperative mode.

If you enjoy both classic Mario jumping and puzzles, you should take a closer look at this puzzle game. “Mario vs. Donkey Kong” is available for Nintendo Switch and is priced at 50 euros.

Trailer for the movie “Mario vs. Donkey Kong”.

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