June 23, 2024

Idris (pbuh);  The Prophet who was the source of knowledge

Idris (pbuh); The Prophet who was the source of knowledge

The first to make calligraphy and the first to write with the pen was a prophet named Idris (peace be upon him). He was a scientist, teacher, and thinker, and he was known to create many sciences because of the knowledge he obtained from God.

Prophet Idris (PBUH) is one of the twenty-six prophets mentioned by name in the Holy Qur’an. He is five generations after Adam (peace be upon him) through five fathers, and his father’s name is “Yarz bin Muhalil”. He is also considered the ancestor of Noah (PBUH).

According to history books, Babylon was home to Cain’s sons and grandsons, who were polytheists, pagans, and engaged in obscene acts. Since most of the people in Babylon did not follow Idris (PBUH), he decided to migrate to another country with those who believed in him. And after they came out of Babylon, they went down the Nile and entered the land of Egypt. Idris not only taught the people religious doctrines, but he also taught the customs and methods of town-planning, the politics of courtesy, and the laws of the new place.

Idris was very thoughtful and kept his head low as he walked. He is the innovator and founder of many sciences and texts. His job was to teach. He taught astronomy and arithmetic to people, spread the science of wisdom in different parts of the world including Greece, and the sages of Greece made use of his knowledge. The Greeks are known as Tarsmine and Arms, and the Arabs call him Hermes and the “Blessed Triangle”. The meaning of Hermes is Mercury, and the meaning of the taluth with grace is “wisdom, wisdom, and prophecy,” meaning that God granted Idris three great blessings.

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In one of the narrations, the Prophet of Islam said: (The first to write with the pen is Idris).

He was also the first person to sew and cut clothes. Before him, people only wore animal skins.

Idris, peace be upon him, is mentioned twice in the Holy Qur’an (Surat Al-Anbiya, verse 85, and Maryam, verse 56) who is presented as a faithful, patient and righteous prophet, and is known to have entered God’s mercy.

There are differences regarding the end of life or Idris’ career on earth. According to some traditions, Idris worshiped God with his seven distinguished companions until God took the soul of Idris to a high position.

Some say that Idris was born in an area called “Manaf” in Egypt and some say Babylon. When Idris grew up, God chose him as a prophet. He is called “Enoch” in the Torah.