February 24, 2024

Horner faces the charges against him in London



Aston Martin is at the forefront in Formula 1 with Fernando Alonso. The dream of many fans and certainly Eddie Jordan, who brought this team to Formula 1 in 1991.

On the Formula 1 podcast Starting network I spoke to deputy editor Stefan Ihlen about the crazy history of today's Aston Martin team, which began in 1991 as Jordan and at one point was called Midland, Spyker, Force India and Racing Point.

The podcast is also available to watch, namely On the Formula1.de YouTube channel.

The new Aston Martin will be presented next Monday, and of course everything related to it will be displayed here on the portal.

12:30 pm

New energy

The trial test in Las Vegas last season was so successful that Celsius Energy decided to join Ferrari as a permanent partner. The exciting thing is that the deal extends until 2025, when Lewis Hamilton, known for his support by Monster Energy, will join the team.

In my colleague Norman Fisher's article there is not only more information about the new deal, but also photos of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in their new racing suits for the 2024 season.

By the way: Ferrari will present the SF-24 next Tuesday starting at 12 noon in Maranello.

12:01 pm

Innovations are key

If you can create fundamental innovations in Formula 1, you are actually always ahead. There are few innovations in the illustrious history of the first class that have achieved just that.

We have selected five for you that are worth delving into this topic.

Stefan Elin did this for you.

Photo series: Top 5: Technical surprises in the new Formula 1 cars

11:31 am

Design update

Oscar Piastri's car could have driven in the Alps, but as we all know they messed it up a bit at Enstone. The Australian will enter his second season at McLaren in 2024 and of course wants to confirm his strong first impression.

Today he presented his helmet for next season. The usual colours, clear arrangement, more blue and Monster Energy as a sponsor in the top ring.

I think it looks very beautiful.

10:30 am

Domino effect?

What happens if Christian Horner is unable to satisfactorily refute the accusations against him and is removed from his position as team boss? Well, many observers and experts are asking themselves this question.

It is not clear whether Horner's appointment to the team will also include other key figures, such as aerodynamic star Adrian Newey.

So there could be a bit of a domino effect if Christian Horner does not survive the proceedings against him as team boss.

Christian Horner Max Verstappen Adrian Newey Red Bull Red Bull F1 ~ Christian Horner, Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Adrian Newey ~

10:00 AM

Horner introduces himself

Christian Horner has an unpleasant appointment in London today. Following serious allegations made by a Red Bull Racing employee, the parent company, Red Bull GmbH in Salzburg, has launched an investigation by an independent investigating lawyer.

Horner himself is expected to make a statement in London today. Craig Slater from Sky Sports News He said in Great Britain this morning that it was less of an “interrogation” and more of a kind of “interview” in which Horner's side would be heard with an open mind.

Slater reported that the employee's allegations involved “controlling and possibly coercive behavior.” A decision is not expected to be made on Horner's future with the British racing team today.

Christian Horner Red Bull Red Bull F1 ~ Christian Horner ~


Money trumps identity

Our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll has thought about the new name of the Racing Bulls team, Visa Cash App RB, but also in general, because the names of teams in Formula 1 are increasingly losing their identity due to the amount of money from sponsors.

Read his commentary on the current situation here.

    ~Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo (Racing Bulls)~

8:30 AM

The great comparison

What happened between AT04 and VCARB 01? Are there any obvious changes?

Stefan Ihlen has created a slider for you, which you can use yourself to get your own idea about the changes in Racing Bulls.

Click here for the article.

    ~Racing Bulls VCARB 01~

07:57 am

More photos

Of course, we've already prepared the right series of images for you to click through, because you should be able to see the Racing Bulls' VCARB 01 from every conceivable perspective.

07:10 am

new clothes

In a few minutes, the Racing Bulls will let their new rider out of the stable. In Las Vegas, where the entire sports world is watching the Super Bowl this weekend, its successor team, AlphaTauri, will also get a bit of the spotlight.

Yesterday they introduced us to the new racing gear from Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda. A very clean blue and white design that reminds me a bit of the old Schalke 04 shirt.

More sponsors, new sponsors and a sleek look, will the car follow suit? We'll know more at 7:30 a.m.!

6:50 AM

Cockpits open for 2025

By the way, Kevin Magnussen's contract with Haas also expires at the end of the year, the same goes for Nico Hulkenberg and several other drivers who will have to reorient themselves for 2025 if they do not extend their contract with their current employer.

Which one are they? Feel free to take a look at our photo gallery.

Photo series: Contract terms for current Formula 1 drivers

6:32 AM

Komatsu lends a helping hand

Journalists also asked Kevin Magnussen how he felt about the switch from Gunter Steiner to Ayao Komatsu, because Steiner finally took Magnussen out of the Formula 1 queue in 2022:

“I love Günter. I had a great relationship with him during my time at Haas, but it's also exciting to see change. Real change,” Magnussen said on Thursday at a conference organized by the team's main sponsor Moneygram.

“I think it's great that Ayaw has actually addressed some of the weaknesses in the team, such as our development curve over the course of a season hasn't been good.”

“These are certainly very exciting times for us at Haas,” he summed up.

6:06 AM

A misunderstood joke

During the press conference held by Haas with new team boss Ayo Komatsu and drivers Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg, the German caused some noise and confusion.

Directed by Alex Harrington (Sports Illustrated) Regarding his contract situation, he probably made a typical joke and “announced” that he had extended his contract with Haas until 2025. Then Harrington posted this on X and it started a mini avalanche.

Result: Haas rejected the extension and Harrington immediately apologized to X. Hulkenberg's contract will initially expire at the end of the 2024 season.

Nico Hulkenberg Haas Haas F1 ~ Nico Hulkenberg (Haas) ~

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