June 14, 2024

More than 13 million Britons have been vaccinated

High Court rules on Scottish independence referendum

London The two sides presented their arguments in a two-day negotiation a good month ago. At the time, the presiding judge announced that it could be months before a ruling could be reached. According to some experts, the fact that the court has already reached a decision could indicate that the Supreme Court initially refuses to make a ruling and waits for the Scottish Parliament to adopt a law on the referendum.

In the first referendum in 2014, the majority of Scots voted to remain in the union with Great Britain. For London, the matter is settled in the long run. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon argues that Brexit, which Scots clearly rejected in 2016, has changed the situation. She wants to lead an independent Scotland back into the European Union. In Parliament in Edinburgh, supporters of independence the majority.

Despite London’s decision, Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) called for demonstrations in several Scottish cities in the afternoon. There should also be smaller meetings in five EU cities, including Munich (6.30pm).

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