February 25, 2024

Google Lumiere: AI video hack

A team of researchers at Google Research says they have made a breakthrough in automated creation using artificial intelligence. According to the researchers, the problem so far is that it has been very difficult to achieve natural movements in AI-generated videos. The published project is now called Lumiere and aims to take a completely new approach to creating video material using artificial intelligence. Similar solution methods usually work with generated keyframes in which the time factor and thus the movement are later created. On the other hand, the new Lumiere model creates short videos in one go.

What the Lumiere team has done recently is truly impressive. The project website showcases a variety of impressive use cases, examples, and ideas. With Lumiere, it should be possible to create videos from pure text prompts or use a still image, which is then animated by artificial intelligence. It is also possible to create so-called stylized video creation – here you feed the AI ​​with a style reference image and a text prompt with the content required to create the footage. Such artificial intelligence is also suitable for editing videos. In one example, a person's clothing in an existing video is changed at will.

Details, many examples and the associated white paper can be found from the researchers View here.

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