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First look at the Tesla Y model made in China

First look at the Tesla Y model made in China


Posted in Jan 2, 2021 |
By Johnna Crider

January 2, 2021 by John Crider

In a post on Twitter, Ray4Tesla He gives his followers and the world their first look at a Tesla Made in China Y Model (MIC). He posted six videos in a six-tweet thread. In this first video, the camera shows several cars and provides a good look at Michelin tires and wheels:

In the second video, we can see the interior of the MIC Model Y, which includes the wood trim on the driver’s side door. The next two videos show quick perspectives from the driver’s seat and the matte black door handle of the Model Y. As with the Model 3, the Chinese-made Model Y has its own badge on the back.

You can watch the entire Rai video series Here.

Reportedly, according to Ray, sales of the MIC Model Y are also exploding now that it’s derailed.

Ridiculous request on MIC Y style

Tasmania Tesla China has reportedly launched its Model Y at “rock bottom” prices and noted that delivery will be this month. The article includes some updates from Tesla China ‘s official Weibo account that paint a picture of just how high demand is for Tesla in China. Once the official website of the MIC Model Y device went online, there were a lot of requests that made this statement: “Currently, there are a lot of requests on the official website and they may not be updated. Please be patient.”

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New starting prices for the MIC Model Y are 339,900 yuan ($ 51890) for the long-range version and 369,900 yuan ($ 56,482) for the performance version.

Tasmania He also reported the possibility that MIC Model Y exceeded 100,000 requests within 10 hours of its new price. One thing we know for sure is that clean technology is winning and Tesla is leading that victory in the automotive industry.

Note that Tesla sales in China are close to sales of Tesla in the USA, But the division of sales in those countries varies widely. The Model Y now represents more sales than any other Tesla model in the US, but none in China has yet. What will happen now that the Model Y is delivered in China? Will it be the best-selling Tesla model out there? Will China become the largest market for the United States?

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