April 13, 2024

FC Basel can’t get past the 1-1 draw with St. Gallen

The Great League

FC Basel scored 1-1 against St. Gallen late on, but were particularly bothered by the VAR

In the 24th round of the Super League, FC Basel could not get past the tie against St. Gallen. Eastern Switzerland took the lead after Basel’s VAR problem. Andy Zekiri scored the deserved equalizer shortly before the end. This means that St. Gallen is three points ahead of Bayern in the table.

For the fourth time this season, Basel face St. Gallen. Away from home there was a league tie and a cup win. Bayern won 3-2 in Basel.

Georgios Kefalas / Keystone

the game: Between the two matches against Slovan Bratislava, Rotblue host FC St. Gallen in Gujelly, and they are direct rivals in the fight for second place. After the sensational cup success a week and a half ago, 22,635 spectators in Joggeli are anticipating the next spectacle. This desire was not realized at the initial stage. Aside from two great runs by Marwyn Hitz and a great chance by Dan Ndoy, not much happened in the first half hour. However, events escalated onto the lawn. Zaki Amdouni celebrates for the lead, but Fedai San asks for the screen. The referee ruled Andy Diouf’s push a foul and returned the blow. Basel then did not let themselves be deterred and narrowly missed the lead: Andy Zeckery hit the post just before the break, and Sergio Lopez’s next shot from the best position was also missed.

After changing sides, the red and blue could no longer maintain the intensity of the first half. After a bad pass from López, Emmanuel Latte Lath put the lead ahead of Marwin Hitz in the 52nd minute. Then Heiko Vogel changed the entire attack. Basler bites into the opposite half of the field, but big chances are still missed. In the 82nd minute, Riccardo Calafiori, positioned as a central defender in the back three defences, found Andy Zekiri with a superb pass. The Brighton loan player sees visiting goalkeeper Lawrence Atti-Ziggy leave his goal and slams the ball in to equalise.

In the final minutes, both teams could put the lid on it. But since both Willem Goebbels and Jean-Kevin Augustin have just missed out, Joggeli has no winner. Since Lucerne’s victory over Servette earlier in the afternoon, Bayern have dropped to sixth in the standings. Because of the Geneva defeat, the difference to second place is only four points. The next league match is next Sunday against Young Boys.

The best: It’s the 94th minute, Willem Geebbels finishes in the goal area and Marwin Hitz makes a miraculous save. The Basel goalkeeper shows a very strong game and eliminates the mistakes of his team players several times. When he confesses, he is powerless.

That gave something to talk about: Video referee Volketswil inadvertently turns out to be the main actor in today’s game. Al-Amdouni’s goal was preceded by a shot by Diouf in the middle of the field. Referee Fedayi San sees the scene up close and allows play to continue. Then the video assistant referee asked him to study the video. Diouf’s offense could be construed as a foul, but this is not an obvious wrong decision. Referee expert Adrien Jacotet, who describes the VAR intervention as a wrong decision, is of the same opinion.

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