June 21, 2024

Fallout 76: Pete - It's Finally Here

Fallout 76: Pete – It’s Finally Here

On Tuesday, September 13th, Expeditions: The Pitt, one of the biggest updates to date, is available for free to all Fallout 76 players.

To better prepare you for exactly what awaits you, we have published a new video. In the video, you’ll see gameplay from The Pitt, lead level designer Craig Bernardo and senior quest designer Chris Marshall sharing how Expeditions work in the game. It also provides insights into making The Pitt, rewards in the new update, and more.

Want to know more about The Pitt update? No problem, here is an overview of the main features and improvements that the patch will add to the game:

  • ** Responders are back! * – A new generation of responders have gathered to breathe new life into the noble mission of the former faction. They stayed at the White Spring Resort, which they now call the “White Spring Refuge.” Complete the responders’ daily missions to charge the Vertibird’s super battery and embark on an expedition to The Pitt.
  • More missions – Launch Vertibird and go to The Pitt with up to three other team members. There are challenging and repeatable missions waiting for you.
  • Rewards – In The Pitt, you will receive legendary gear, legendary notes or treasury bills, various loot, and tons of XP for your efforts. There are also new blueprints and stamps as the new game currency.
  • Goodbye Island of Dread. Hello, “City of Steel”! – Take a road trip with Red Rocket to experience Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in all its (former) glory in an all-new game board called City of Steel. As you progress through Season X, you’ll level up and unlock a host of new rewards, including Auto-Ax and Union Power Armor. Learn more about Season 10 and new rewards here, and check out the latest community calendar out there. Of course, in addition to all the features mentioned above, the Pitt update will also include a whole host of improvements and bug fixes. Patch notes will be available on Fallout.com once maintenance begins on Tuesday, September 13th.
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