May 19, 2024

Europa Park in Rust: the new “Alpenexpress Gentian” – photos and information at the beginning

The Alpenexpress Gentian hotel in Europe Park was partially destroyed in a fire. Now the roller coaster is being rebuilt. What's planned for Rust and when will the bullet train run again.

It was the first roller coaster in Europa Park, which opened in 1984: the “Alpenexpress Gentian” in the Austrian-themed area. The train has toured Rust for decades. However, in June a fire destroyed part of the railway. The fire broke out in the nearby “Magic Diamond World”. At the time, President Roland Mack spoke of losses in the millions. The park has been planning and building the new “Alpenexpress Enzian” for months. However, the roller coaster has yet to begin for Saturday's season opener. According to plans, this should happen from May 14.

“The train brings back a lot of memories,” says Anne-Kathrin Mack, partner in the family business and responsible for the project. The train has been completely rebuilt and the driving experience is even better than before. The 'peak', here at twelve metres, will be part of the new facility in the future. Usually for Austria, there is a kind of mountain hut – with a view of the garden.

You can find photos of the new “Alpenexpress Enzian” build in our photo gallery.

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