June 20, 2024

Endometriosis: the doctor answers readers’ questions about Stern PLUS

Four-part STAR PLUS series
Diagnosis, Nutrition and Pills: Charity Doctor Answers Readers’ Questions About Endometriosis

Acute menstrual pain is a very common symptom of endometriosis. The suffering of those affected is often great. It is not uncommon for many years to pass before a diagnosis is made.

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In a four-part series star In addition, Charity physician Silvia Mischner answers readers’ questions about endometriosis, an abdominal disease that affects millions of women in Germany. Wednesday begins with Part One – and answers to the most important questions about diagnosis.

Severe menstrual pain, even fainting: Endometriosis is an abdominal disease in which tissue similar to endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus in the abdominal cavity. Although endometriosis is the second most common gynecological disease and is estimated to affect about one in ten women, it takes an average of six to ten years in Germany before a correct diagnosis is made. The years when patients are often not taken seriously and their pain is dismissed as a classic monthly symptom. But not only women are affected. Trans, transgender, and nonbinary people with a uterus can also develop endometriosis.

Stern Plus Series on Endometriosis: Doctor Answers Readers’ Questions

In a four-part series star PLUS answers to Doctor Charité and endometriosis expert Prof. Dr. Medical Questions by Silvia Mechsner star– Readers of suffering. Mixner is Professor of Endometriosis Research at the Berlin Charité and chairs the Endometriosis Center there.

In the first part of the series, to be published on Wednesday, she explains whether laparoscopy is mandatory for diagnosis and what the risks of early intervention are. Also: Can endometriosis be detected with a saliva test soon? The expert explains the background to the potential test procedure.

Consequences at a glance:

Episode 1: Endometriosis and Diagnostic Possibilities (Released Wednesday, September 21st) on me star Plus)

  • Is a reliable diagnosis possible only by laparoscopy?
  • I have read that endometriosis may soon be diagnosed with a saliva test. Is that correct?

Episode 2: Endometriosis and Nutrition (Out of September 28)

  • I suffer from endometriosis. Can I positively influence my symptoms through my diet? What foods are recommended, and what should I avoid?
  • Are there any nutritional supplements, vitamins or minerals that are helpful for endometriosis?

Episode 3: Endometriosis and the Pill (Released October 5th)

  • Is it possible to permanently dispense with hormones despite endometriosis?
  • Will my symptoms automatically get worse if I stop taking the pill?

Episode 4: Endometriosis and Fertility (to be released on October 12)

  • I have endometriosis and I want to get pregnant naturally. What can I do to increase the chance of pregnancy?
  • I read that symptoms of endometriosis can improve during pregnancy. Do symptoms return after childbirth?

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