February 29, 2024

Chiara Ferragni has to pay a fine of millions

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Chiara Ferragni is probably the most famous influencer in Italy. The blonde, who usually keeps a clean record, had to go to court with two of her companies. Accusation: Unfair business practices.

The 36-year-old designed a pandoro cake, a traditional Italian Christmas cake, for confectionery company Palocco last winter and distributed it across social media. Italian Competition Authority Now it has come to an endFerragni, through her leaflets, press releases and prints on the cake packaging, gave the impression that part of the proceeds would go to the treatment of children with cancer in a Turin hospital.

But in fact, the previously determined amount of €50,000 was donated to the Regina Margherita Hospital. The two companies could have received more than a million euros from the deal, without any of it going to the hospital. The authorities also found it misleading that the cake cost €9 instead of the usual €3.70.

The influencer was sentenced to a fine of more than one million euros. Cake manufacturer Balocco also has to pay a fine of 420,000 euros.


You shouldn’t believe everything on social media


You shouldn’t believe everything on social media

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