February 24, 2024

Celebrity Big Brother: Who is out and who is at risk of eviction?

Since November 20, a lot of TV personalities are coming to “Celebrity Big Brother” 2023 on Sat.1 and competing to win €100,000. In addition to sophisticated games, and foregoing the luxury of noisy rooms, VIPs also have to rely on the good will of onlookers. Starting Saturday, November 25, the first celebrities will be evicted from the show. There have already been voluntary withdrawals. Who is currently on the nominations list?

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 nominees: who’s there?

With 13 participants, the density of VIPs in “Big Celebrities” 2023 is not as high as usual, there are well-known faces from reality TV and dating as well as stars from social media: Katzenberger’s mother, Iris Klein, her husband Peter Klein, “Big Brother” veteran Jürgen Mileski , content creator Marko Rumpf, scandalous YouTuber Ron Bilecki, actress Manuela Wisbeck, trash TV star Matthias Mangiapane, influencer Paulina Leopas, magician Filo, gamer’s wife Dilara Croce, celebrity daughter Patricia Blanco, former Bachelor Dominik Stockmann and Ochsenknecht ex Yeliz Koc. You can read more about the candidates here.

Celebrity Big Brother eviction: Who will decide if the nominees withdraw?

Participants in the Sat.1 show have only limited influence over where they fit in the Celebrity Big Brother container. If a VIP decides to leave voluntarily, this is of course possible at any time – although a portion of the fee will likely be withheld. Candidates must nominate each other to exit during the show’s run, but cannot fire anyone outright. The final decision rests with the viewers, who can protect the nominated celebrities through calls. The participant with the fewest votes must leave the container. So far no one has been expelled and no one has left the container voluntarily.

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‘Celebrity Big Brother’ nominees: Participants on the hit list

Four celebrities were at risk of eviction first. Polina Ljubas was the first to be shortlisted. She was followed by Iris Klein, Matias Mangiapane, Patricia Blanco and Ron Bielecki. Which candidate had to leave?

First eviction from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2023: Patricia Blanco has to leave the show

A week later, the “Celebrity Big Brother” front-runner was booted from the show. For Patricia Blanco, not enough viewers called in on the night from Saturday to Sunday (November 26), so she missed the chance to win €100,000.

Celebrity Big Brother Winner: These stars won the show

In 2022, four VIPs made it to the Celebrity Big Brother final: Menderes Bagci, Sam Dillane, Mikaela Schiffer and Reiner Gottwald. The latter eventually managed to win and won 100 thousand euros.

Boxing manager Reiner Gottwald celebrates his victory on the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1 TV channel.
© Henning Kaiser/DPA
Boxing manager Reiner Gottwald celebrates his victory on the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1 TV channel.

By Henning Kaiser/DPA


Other Celebrity Big Brother winners are: Jenny Elfers (2013), Aaron Truschke (2014), David Odonkor (2015), Ben Tiwag (2016), Jens Hilbert (2017), Sylvia Wolney (2018), Janine Pink (2019) ). ), Werner Hansch (2020) and Melanie Müller (2021).