June 21, 2024

Boxing: Tyson Fury explodes into a fight with Joshua - Mahmoud Shar's new opponent

Boxing: Tyson Fury explodes into a fight with Joshua – Mahmoud Shar’s new opponent

  • Tyson Fury is not fighting Joshua right now
  • Coward: The ultimatum passed
  • Mahmoud Shar new discount for Fiori

The fight between the best British heavyweight boxers currently is not going to increase in the near future. Tyson Fury’s proposed match with Anthony Joshua has now been canceled by the former. Reason: Joshua did not sign the contract in time.

At the beginning of September, Fury (34) challenged his opponent, who was two years younger than him, to a duel. Joshua, who was dethroned by Oleksandr Usyk from the world champion title last year and also could not win the last second match, then accepted it orally. Joshua’s camp is said to have received the first draft of the contract in the middle of the month. Both parties appeared to be on the right track – before Fury issued an ultimatum at the end of the week.

Joshua: “Of course I want to sign.”

Joshua must sign the contract by 5 p.m. on Monday, September 26, or else Fury will look for another opponent. Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn, speaking for himself, said, “It’s impossible to sign the contract until Monday. Of course I want to sign, but there are important things that need to be clarified by the lawyers.”

The deadline has passed and Fury responded accordingly: “Idiot, a coward,” the WBC world champion insulted his fellow Briton in a video on social media. “The Day of Resurrection has come and gone.” For Joshua, “it’s officially over.”

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Mahmoud Shar wants the best offer ever!

As a new opponent, the more than two-meter-high South presented Mahmud Shar. The 37-year-old German of Syrian-Lebanese descent was the World Basketball Association world champion in 2017 and 2021. “Tyson, you made a good choice. Brother, we are going to give our fans the best show ever. Get ready,” Charr replied with a video on Instagram. The battle is scheduled to begin in the UK on 3 December.

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