April 25, 2024

Borderlinx: Ordering overseas made easy

Borderlinx: Ordering overseas made easy

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Some shops from the USA, Canada, Great Britain & Co. do not ship to Germany. Borderlinx offers a remedy for this problem. Here you can find out what the service is all about.

With Borderlinx, online orders can be taken from the USA, Canada, Great Britain and China. (Source: Deposit.txt)

  • Some shops abroad do not offer shipping service to Germany.
  • You can avoid this problem with Borderlinx.
  • The service provides you with free US, Chinese and UK postal addresses.

If you want to import technology online from the United States, China or Great Britain, you may encounter various obstacles. For example, it is possible that foreign stores do not deliver to Germany.

In this case, Borderlinx will help you. The service provides you with US, UK and Chinese postal addresses after free registration.

This means that you are ideally equipped for all types of cargo deliveries from North America, Asia and the UK. The DHL affiliate does not charge entry or membership fees – there are only international shipping costs for your shipments from all over the world to Germany.

You can’t avoid customs duties with Borderlinx – these traps will arrive from July 2021 from the first Euro. Unlike the classic international system, with Borderlinx you can save on long waiting times at customs – the company settles any fees directly with you so you can be persuaded with relatively fast delivery times.

This is how it’s done

Free registration at Borderlinx.com is done quickly, after entering some personal data you will receive your personal external addresses by e-mail. If you specify this when ordering online, the company will automatically assign you the corresponding deliveries.

Order from Germany

If you want to order from abroad from Germany, this is also possible with Borderlinx. However, you are not allowed to indicate a German place of residence when registering.

You will then be notified of the shipment receipt via email. If you wish, Borderlinx will open your package and pack delivery in a space-saving way – to save you shipping costs.

At this point, you also provide information about the content and value of the shipment so that all taxes and customs duties are processed prior to delivery. This eliminates cash on delivery costs and waiting times at customs.

If you wish, Borderlinx can combine several packages into one large package - to save on international shipping costs.

If you wish, Borderlinx can combine several packages into one large package – to save on international shipping costs. (Source: Borderlinx / Youtube.com)

If several orders are served to you at the Borderlinx hub at about the same time, it’s a good idea to combine them into one free delivery. Since the first kilogram of shipping weight is the most expensive, shipping costs can be significantly saved.

Regardless of whether you have one or more orders – after you make the online payment, it takes two to five days for Borderlinx to be delivered to your German address. Deliveries are made by DHL. You can monitor the status of your shipment with Shipment Tracking.

Payment method is not accepted

If the store does not offer your payment method or declines your credit card, you can use Borderlinx’s “Concierge Service”.

You can use an order form to provide the company with information and any special instructions such as discount codes about the item to be purchased. Borderlinx acquires this within 48 hours and delivers it to its central repository.

After you pay for your order, it will be sent to your home. The minimum order value to use the Concierge Service is ten dollars. Borderlinx also charges a five percent usage fee of the merchandise value.


Thanks to the Shipping Cost Calculator, you can see very transparently what Borderlinx costs you will have to pay before placing an order. After some information about dimensions, weight and value, it will show very accurately how high the service fee, taxes and potential customs duties will be.

In some cases, the order from Amazon & Co. works directly from the USA or Great Britain. How to proceed in this case, we explain at this point.

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