April 23, 2024

Aldi without a cash register: discounters are now selling some products via the camera

Aldi plans a revolution in Tills and facial recognition

Aldi has a new system. The opponent expresses himself with caution. But even Liddell plans to innovate in the open.

Dortmund – Aldi has been getting noisy lately echo24.de Very open about the currently increasing prices in the food trade and Explains how prices can drop again. On the other hand, there are at least calm tones from the Aldi Süd group of companies when it comes to a future project for the opponent.

company ALDI
office manager office manager a meal
Sales volume $106.3 billion (2019)
foundation 1961, Essen
Founder Karl Albrecht, Theo Albrecht

Aldi UK tests new system: Lidl and Kaufland also through self-lending

Already at the beginning of 2022, the discount giant has started a very special overseas project, Like echo24.de reports. This is how I informed the portal, among other things stores-shops.de Via a branch in London, Great Britain, set up entirely without cash desks. And now there is supposed to be automatic age recognition of alcohol purchases – via the camera.

Currently, the background of new technology can be read in many media. by this way you write food newspaper On this: “Technology should make self-payment easier and at the same time protect employees from attacks.” Become a self-service checkout Currently being tested by discount competitor Lidl in Germany.

Also in a subsidiary Kaufland From Schwarz Group, self-checkouts are already in use. Like the company in echo24.deExplanation of the request, this is an “additional service”. When asked by editors, there was no reaction from the food giant about whether automatic age detection would also be an alternative (more news on department stores and discount deals on RUHR24).

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Aldi Sud: No statement on ‘possible tests’ in other countries

And the Aldi group of companies, which will change the range of several products in the summer of 2022, remains cautious. Opposite echo24.de Aldi Sud explains that you can “Any tests in other countries of Aldi Süd do not make any statements” He could. For Germany, the following also applies: “We do not currently have such considerations.” Aldi UK belongs to Aldi Süd and is currently represented in the United Kingdom with around 920 branches.

How is the camera? According to Aldi UK, customers who want to buy alcohol can “Use Face Age Estimation Technology to Allow Purchase”.

Aldi is now testing not only a branch with cash registers, but also selling alcohol by camera.

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The artificial intelligence technology behind the cameras comes from Yoti. If you do not want to be photographed, you can always contact a member of staff.

Aldi UK announces a cashless store in London

And how does Aldi’s fully cashless store operate in London? Trade magazine shop d . shopI took a closer look at the 450 square meter branch and read the company information carefully.

Additionally says that the shop Europe’s largest zero-fee marketplace, based on store model like Amazon Go or Rewe Pick & Go., Can. On display there Only foodstuffs, not non-food items..

Aldi UK: Must download the special app before shopping

According to Aldi UK, customers can only shop at this Aldi branch if they download the specially developed app before purchasing. Personal data is stored there.

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The doors then open with an individual QR code. Once the customer leaves the store, they are automatically charged for the purchase via the selected payment method and a receipt is displayed in the app.

As Commerce magazine also reported, the entire system works in this Aldi “Camera Based”. Cameras are distributed throughout the store and have an overview of customers’ movements between the shelves.

You can see which products are being packaged or back on the shelf. Weight measurements on shelves not used.. It remains to be seen if the system will reach Germany.

There is another innovation in England: there Opening of the first Aldi cashless branchcustomers are shocked, as reported by 24hamburg.de.

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